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6 Weird Teething Symptoms You Should Know About

These 6 Weird Teething Symptoms will Surprise You - MightyMoms.club

Anyone can tell you the standard teething symptoms: (Like me, for example.)  You know…the drooling, the fussiness, or the dead give away: spotting a tooth.

But what about those baby teething symptoms that aren’t so obvious?  The ones that you can’t find in The Big Book of Baby or at  www.MegaBabySite.com?

What about the weird teething symptoms? The Freak Show cousins that no one ever talks about, but are still there, sniffing glue in the corner?

It’s time they were acknowledged, friend. Time to drag them out of the shadows and into the spotlight.


*tipping my top hat and waving my walking stick*


Is Your Baby Showing These Weird Teething Symptoms?

  1. Vampire Mouth

    Blood. In his mouth. Like a vampire.

  2. The So-Called Ear Infection

    And a zillion dollars worth of wasted co-pays.

  3. The Diarrhea Conspiracy

    It can neither be confirmed nor denied.

  4. The Mother of All Rashes

    It’s your baby’s five o’clock shadow.

  5. Sleep Schmeep

    Say hello to Mr. Hyde.

  6. The Invisible Fever

    Is it there? Or is it just hot outside?

#1) Vampire Mouth

This is the weird teething symptom sends most moms into hysterics, especially when the blister pops.

It’s pretty nasty.  Your infant looks up at you with a bloody mouth that looks like…Well, I think you know what it looks like: a horror movie.

The technical term for this is an “Eruption Cyst” but that’s just BORING.  I’m starting a petition to call it “Vampire Mouth” instead.

Here’s what happened: the tooth starts moving toward the gum line.  The tender gum tissue bruises a little, turning a purplish color.  (One mom thought her son had been chewing on an ink pen.)  As the tooth erupts through the skin, it “pops” the balloon, so to speak and a little blood comes out.

This doesn’t hurt your baby any more than the usual teething experience.  Letting him suck on a cold damp (or partially frozen) washcloth will reduce the swelling and help with pain.

NEVER poke or try to drain the blister.  This can lead to an infection, which is bad news bears.

Take a brief second to write down in your tracker the date you first notice the blister.  That way, if it sticks around longer than a month with no tooth, you know to give your dentist a call.

#2) The So-Called Ear Infection

I’ll take “Infant Anatomy” for 300, Alex.

The nerves on the gum line, below your infant’s budding nubs travel up the jaw and behind the ear.  By tugging on the earlobe, your smart infant has figured out a way to provide some relief to those nerve endings.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve taken my babies to the doctor convinced of an ear infection, only to leave with a “just teething” diagnosis.  Frankly, it’s embarrassing.  I have a website about babies, for goodness sake!

Eventually, I got smarter and picked up a good otoscope.  Being able to actually look inside her ear eliminated all those extra co-pays!

#3) The Diarrhea Conspiracy

Why is diarrhea listed as “weird” in my list of teething symptoms?  Because, according to the medical community, it doesn’t exist.

Just like Area 51…

And yet, a strange  number of otherwise-happy teethers will suddenly experience leaky bowels.  So do we ditch the doctors? or look suspiciously at the parents?

Do UFP’s, Unexplained Flowing Poops, really exist? 

I’ll let you decide. Be on the look out for some loose stools, and if you spot them take a picture as medical proof concentrate on keeping your baby well-hydrated.

#4) The Mother of all Rashes


Oh, how I hate thee. 

Little red bumps of torture. 

I consider rashes one of the weird teething symptoms, because, frankly, these rashes are just hideous.

The “bucket ‘o drool” look your baby is going for these days has some side effects.  The chin, the neck, or even his hands can all start to turn blotchy, red-chapped, and bumpy.

And those are just the rashes on the top half of his body.

Some babies will also get rashes on their bum.  Probably due to the increased acidity of the diarrhea-poop (that doesn’t exist, remember?).

I smear a layer of Triple Paste on the face (but not the lips!!!) and neck to protect those fragile skin cells. It’s really an excellent diaper rash cream – but it works just as well for teething drool, because it helps fight against the yeast infection causing those bumps.

Another excellent choice for diaper rashes is this bottom balm, it’s all natural and organic – a great choice for crunchy moms!

Weird Teething Symptoms: The Drool Monster

As much as you may hate the fact your baby is nearly as drooly as your basset hound, drool is actually a good  thing.  It acts as a topical cushion of gel between your baby’s tooth-bergs and his tender gums.

You think he’s Mr. McCrabby Pants now?  Trust me, he would have been beyond tolerable without the river of drool!

#5) Sleep Schmeep!

Why is sleep considered a weird teething symptom? Because it’s usually not your baby who loses sleep.  It’s usually you.

Some babies will be champion sleepers…until teething hits.  Then they’ll wake up fussing until you rock and shush them back to sleep.

Yes…be surprised.  I’m actually encouraging you to rock your baby to sleep.

It’s usually a training mistake, but in this case your baby is hurting and needs your physical touch and perhaps some teething medication to comfort into slumber again.

  • If your baby has already started teething…try these sleeping tricks for immediate help.
  • If your baby hasn’t already started teething, but it’s on the horizon…start now to teach him how to fall asleep.  (Falling asleep on his own is a skill he will need to master if you want to avoid getting up 2-3 times a night when he’s two or three.)

A baby (and parent!) who has been getting the sleep he needs on a regular basis will be able to weather the rough waters of teething a lot better.

Let a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach help you create a Custom Sleep Plan. Make things change.

#6) The Invisible Fever

I like calling this “Invisible Fever” because just like doctors insist there’s no credible evidence that diarrhea is a sign of teething, they ALSO say that babies don’t get fevers for teething.

Well, I have it on good authority from the Shaman who lives in a cardboard box on the corner of 6th and Main that fevers can happen for teething babies.  (Take that CDC!) With the Shaman and personal mothering experience on my side, I’m confident I can put this on our weird teething symptom list.

The Invisible Fever is a low-grade fever.  If your baby gets a temperature of 100.5° F (38° C) and lasts more than a day or two, give your doctor a call.

#7) The Haunted Cough

The last of the weird teething symptoms you might witness is the Haunted Cough.

*oooooOOOOOooooo* *dirty diapers start flying around the room*

It’s haunted because your baby’s nose is as dry as your husband’s milk supply.  (In my brain, I just heard 5,000 of you all saying EWWWWW! )

The nose is dry, but the cough sounds all wet and sticky. There’s no tangible evidence that the cough should exist…AND YET IT DOES.

Sure, I could ruin all the fun by explaining why, but I’d rather call the Ghostbusters and let them take care of it.

If you’d like to avoid the ectoplasm and find out anyway, read my article explaining how to decipher the cough code. It will reveal the answer!

These Weird Teething Symptoms are a Sign That It’s Time to Arm Up!

When it comes to The War of the Tooth, your infant will fall into two camps.

  1. He will hardly break a sweat.  You won’t realize he’s teethed until he smiles one day and you realize they’re all there.
  2. He transforms into Mr. Furious. Nothing pleases him.  Nothing satisfies. The reign of King Crankypants has begun.

If your baby is the first category: Congratulations. 95% of the parents reading this hate you.

If your baby is in the second category:  Be encouraged. This will pass and your fat-cherub-of giggles will return.

In the meantime, you have some options…

  1. Browse through my other article on the signs of teething to confirm your suspicions.
  2. Read through my 57 strategies to stop teething pain (and get some sleep again!)
  3. Subscribe to Mighty Moms and get the latest published articles delivered to your Inbox on Saturday afternoons!

Or, you could REALLY go crazy and do all three!

I mean, at the heart of it, aren’t we all freaks in our own way?  *removing my chicken hat*

Why not hang out with other mothers who can relate to the underlying weirdness lying just under the skin of us all?


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